how its made

how we process australian custom made glass

Glass Manufacturing Process

The Video. Watch the video to learn about our glass manufacturing process. We have a strong team who can deliver the best in glass quality and support services. Scroll below video to read about individual process steps.

Cutting Machine

Step 1 – Cutting Machine The process starts here with our cutting machine, it is the latest machine from Italy. High accuracy and fast processing which ensures quick turnaround to meet short lead-times. This is often required by our customers.

Polishing Machine

Step 2 – Polishing Machine. The glass then goes to our Polishing machine. At this stage, the raw cut glass is still razor sharp. The polishing machine takes the edges off the glass and applies clean lineal polished edges instead. The operator constantly checks the accuracy of the size throughout this process.

Water jet Cutting

Step 3 – Water Jet Cutting. From your detailed Auto CAD or hand drawn designs, our waterjet cutting machine is capable of producing fast accurate cut-outs and shapes in your glass. This is often sufficient for glass panels which don’t requires the ultimate high accuracy finish which is produced by our CNC.

CNC Machine

Step 3.1 – CNC Machine. Here we are at our CNC, the ultimate glass processing machine, best of the best. The CNC machine is unique to the waterjet cutter in that it is capable of producing highly polished mirrored finished edges to cut out shapes. And when our customer requires optimum precision glass panels, we have the capability to meet their highest possible standards.

Washing Machine

Step 4 – Washing Machine. Each piece of glass needs to be washed in 1 of our 2 washing machines after every process. This will make sure the glass remains clean and scratch free, bringing you the best quality safety glass.

Toughening Machine

Step 5 – Toughening Machine. One of the final processes the glass goes through is the toughening machine. This machine heats up the glass to around 624-630 centigrade and then cools the glass back to room temperature. A huge amount of care and attention goes into this final process to make sure each panel we produce comes out exactly as the client has ordered.

Delivery & Quality Control

Step 6 – Delivery to our customers. Before we delivery the glass, we carefully check each of the pieces making sure the holes or shape and the polished edges follows customer requirements. All pieces are also individually labelled and trackable via our software, ensuring the highest quality safety glass delivery to our valued clients.